Innovation since 1828.

Zoeppritex has a history stretching back almost 200 years – and the experience to match.


Founding of Zoeppritz AG in Mergelstetten. Manufacture of textiles from natural fibers (mainly wool), including those for use in blankets.

1905 onward
Manufacture of shoe textiles (mainly for slippers) at additional facility in Bolheim.

Dr. Ulrich Zwissler buys the shoe textiles division of Zoeppritz AG and founds Zoeppritex Schuhstoff GmbH & Co. KG.

Relocation of Zoeppritex Schuhstoff GmbH & Co. KG to Mergelstetten and commencement of the now-established flame lamination operations (a key process for the automotive industry and others, e.g. sportswear and sound insulation).

Move to the current production site at Heldenfingen. Introduction of other laminating processes such as bonding with thermoplastic adhesives.

Transfer of shoe textile production to the company Zoeppritex Italiana (now Free Time Zoeppritex S.R.L.). Zoeppritex Schuhstoff GmbH & Co. KG is renamed Zoeppritex Verbundstoffe GmbH & Co. KG. - specializing in all types of technical composite materials and offering both large-scale and one-off production.

Further expansion of the range of products and services, with the putting into operation of a slot-die system for lamination using reactive adhesives.

Founding of Ningbo roekona Zoeppritex TexLine Co., Ltd. as a joint venture in Ningbo, south of Shanghai, China, for manufacturing textiles for automotive interiors.

Restructuring of shipping and goods inspection.

Opening of a newly built production building, increase in storage capacity and improvement in logistics.

Relocation of quality and development laboratories to new premises and expansion of production capacity through a new flatbed laminating machine with optimized energy consumption and higher laminating speed.

Ernst-Wolfgang Moninig is appointed joint managing director in addition to Dr. Ulrich Zwissler.

Formation of a joint production site in Tlaxcala Mexico with Gertex Textil GmbH.

Dr. Ulrich Zwissler hands over management to Marc W. Lorch. Zoeppritex Verbundstoffe GmbH is now directed by both Marc W. Lorch and Ernst-Wolfgang Moning as joint managing directors. Dr. Ulrich Zwissler remains board member of Dr. Zwissler Holding AG.

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